Juneteenth, or Juneteenth Independence Day, commemorates the traditional observance of the end of slavery in the United Stated and is observed annually on June 19. The County Manager plans has proposed to the Board of Supervisors that the County recognize Juneteenth as a County holiday.

STARS Awards

The County celebrates programs of Departments that best demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion through the addition of the Diversity and Inclusion Award through the existing STARS AWARDS recognition program.  The program highlights deserving efforts and programs that serve underrepresented and at risk groups and communities.

Pride Visibility

LGBTQ Commission created a campaign to invite every city to recognize Pride. As a result, every city issued a Proclamation for Pride month and half have flown a Pride Flag. 2020 is the first time that every city has recognized Pride in the County of San Mateo.

County’s First Lactation Accommodation Resolution

The County’s HR Department, and County Board of Supervisors Don Horsley and David Canepa, developed and implemented the County’s first lactation accommodation resolution in order to promote a healthy and comfortable work environment for nursing staff returning to work. The resolution at the time exceeded legal requirements, and required new buildings (and encouraged existing buildings) […]

Gender Identity and Transgender Inclusion Countywide Trainings

The County’s EEO/ D&I Division, in partnership with the San Mateo County Pride Center, conducted a series of live classroom trainings to hundreds of managers and employees on gender identity, pronoun usage, and best practices regarding how to create a welcoming, inclusive work environment for transgender and transitioning employees.  This successful series of trainings has […]

County’s First Transgender Policy

The County, in collaboration with HR/ EEO leadership, D&I Taskforce, LGBTQ Commission, the San Mateo County Pride Center, and other stakeholders developed the County’s first Transgender Policy.  The Policy provides guidance to supervisors and employees regarding gender identity, pronoun usage, and how to create an inclusive and productive work environment for transgender and transitioning employees.